Trained Into Submission: Bound to the Harem Book 2

Book Cover: Trained Into Submission: Bound to the Harem Book 2

When Rachel joined James Langdale's harem, she thought her dreams had come true. He is rich, dominating and stylish; everything that turns her on. Of course, Rachel is drop-dead gorgeous so its only to be expected that she will be his new favourite but one of his other slave girls has other ideas; and is making life difficult and causing her to look bad.

As their argument spills over in front of James he is forced to send Rachel for more formal training at the exclusive and remote Eastleigh Manor. There Rachel is disciplined and taught the meaning of complete obedience. She must learn to overcome her rivalry and put the needs of her Master before anything else, or she risks being replaced.

This BDSM Erotica novella contains explicit MFFF scenes of light bondage, oral, spanking, and much more. Adults only.