Trailer Park Confidential

Book Cover: Trailer Park Confidential

Meet Monica and Gavin; attractive, politically correct, and sexually repressed. The McKean County social workers have become insufferable to agency receptionist, Millie. Their problem needs fixing and Millie, member of a shadowy society of academic swingers, has cooked up a plan. On the hottest day of the year, she dispatches them to a remote corner of the Pennsylvania Wilds, to assess a pair of troubled oldsters in a Mobile Home Park. Failing to locate their clients, they instead find themselves alone with the seductive Mariah, and the sneering muscular Jayson. Monica and Gavin will be taking the rest of the afternoon off. Today they’re going to find out how much pleasure their bodies can give and receive. Trailer Park Confidential is an explicit work of erotic humor, written under the pen name of an award winning author.