Play By The Rules

Book Cover: Play By The Rules

Voluptuous, smart, sensual, sweet, but wicked, ruthless, satisfaction focused. Mackenzie is a college freshman with secrets in her past, a dual nature in her present that can please and tease an intimate partner or dominate and break them. She has rules that structure her life and expects people to play by them or face the consequences. Definitely not mushy or romantic.

Nerdy, geeky, intellectual, passionate, disorganized, the un-alpha male, a writer of erotica. Darren is a college sophomore with his own secrets and struggles with challenges he’s worked to hide away from others. Deep empathy is his superpower. Getting into another person’s mind, being in their shoes is something he does well. Sentimental and emotional.

A simple tutor-student relationship changed by a single question posed after a session as Mackenzie asks him out. Darren’s saying yes triggers a series of events that not only ignite sexual tensions and passions between them but unintentionally uncover the inner demons from their pasts, their presents, that both have worked so hard to bury for years. Along the way, tastes of BDSM, dominance, submission, bondage, edging, orgasm control, menage, cream pies, and intensely emotional copulations mix with erotic fantasies, forbidden desires, and a hint of ethical nonmonogamy to create a situation that threatened to tear them apart before they can even begin.

But can opening themselves up to the other, revealing their demons, their mental health struggles give them a chance they need to become the pair both of them dream of, they both fervently need?

Attention: This work includes scenes, discussions, and descriptions of mental health symptoms and situations; physical, emotional, psychological abuse; sexual assault; rape; and other potentially triggering subject matter for some readers. Such items are not included for titillation instead as key thematic plot elements. Please read the sample before buying and submit questions to me if you need additional information and clarification prior to purchasing the book.