Curbside Only: And Other Stories of Erotic Debauchery

Book Cover: Curbside Only: And Other Stories of Erotic Debauchery

Eight erotic stories in one huge, bulging collection marks Bianca LeRoux's debut as a prolific writer of porn and really sexy, weird shit. Thrill with lead stories like The Garlic, the Butter and the Bread: A threesome filled with some intense backstory history!

And get lost in She’s Got Potatoes on the Brain: Samantha needs to fuck potatoes more than anything in the world.

Along with short stories like "A Sensual Dentist" and "50 Shades of Robot" you will be creaming your jeans as the sex and lust ooze and drip off every page, staining your already stained fingers. Curl up with your favorite sex toy or lover, and prepare for erotic savage lust with "Pumpkin Fucking" and you will never see Halloween the same. And last but not least, you'll come back for more- and come again and again- when you read "Fish Head" and revel in the hot desires of a woman who turns into a fish.

Bianca LeRoux is a master storyteller who wants to make YOU cum hard. She aspires to be the next J.D. Salinger but with Holden Caulfield fucking every piece of fruit and raw meat he encounters. Bianca has been married twice and divorced never, and resides in the western hemisphere of the Earth.