A Gay Story A New Kind Of Roman Holiday

Book Cover: A Gay Story A New Kind Of Roman Holiday

No one ever imagines when they go away to college, just what kind of an education they will receive, and just how much it might change their lives.

Innocent Ted could never have imagined in his wildest dreams, just what did lay in store for him, at the extremely conservative ivy league school.

What started out innocently, eventually became something that he sexually had never encountered before. His desires soon changed, when he met his dorm roommate Roman. For the first time his dorm room became his new center of higher learning, in more ways than one, although mostly hot, steamy, bizarre, sexually stimulating ones.

If you enjoy reading about first time gay experiences, between two well built, and good looking males, who experience some of the most kinky and erotic forms of sexual pleasure imaginable between two hot and horny men, then this ebook is for you. Although romance prevails, so does a lot of sordid, types of sexual scenarios and fetishes between them. To say that Ted is a hard learner, is an understatement. Lots of good clean men with men fun is also had in the shower.