Saving Angel

Book Cover: Saving Angel

In this May-December romance novella, spanking, role-playing, and BDSM combine with a chance encounter that causes Michael and Alexis to cross paths one summer. She pushes just the right buttons with Michael to cause her to receive the first spanking ever in her life and thus sets into motion pleasantly unexpected outcomes for the pair.

Michael feels a great conflict between honoring the vows he made to forever love his wife Mara even years after her death and allowing himself to be open to falling in love again.

Alexis feels a profound attraction to Michael because she wants a taste of the deep, overwhelming, endless power of his love for Mara despite her untimely death years ago. She craves to feel again the surprisingly potent sensual effects he has upon her mind and body after she receives a spanking from his hot, skilled hands. She hungers for more than that small taste and decides she can’t wait for Michael to make a move. She plans to seduce him herself.

When the enthralling forces of Teacher/student power exchange role play begin to smolder between them, will it set them down the perfect path of unquenchable desire and lust for each other? Or will it only burn them in the end?

Where does Michael’s efforts to manage his mental health diagnosis fit into the budding sensually steamy relationship with Alexis? Why does he continue to not only see Mara when Alexis is with him, but also hear her and breath in her scent? If she’s a hallucination, why does she seem so vividly real while he’s awake or in his dreams?

This book isn’t written as a fast-burn instalove/instalust work, rather a slower-burn, steamy erotic romance that does have a HEA but doesn’t have cheating.